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Post  Maebh on Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:34 pm

Character Name: Kaito
Character Age: 18
Character Gender: Male


Kaito has shaggy light blond hair that stretches down to his neck. His name Kaito, was named after his ocean like, bright blue eyes. He stands tall and lean with long limbs to keep him quirky. Kaito is very charming and obnoxious. You could say that he is an obnoxious adorable kind of guy.

Kaito keeps a warm heart and is very fond of the people towards him. To people who go against what he likes, he will tolerate them, but only for a certain amount of time before he explodes. When he is first woken up, he is very cranky but once he snaps out of it, he is full of heart. Kaito is kind of like a 7 year old stuck in an 18 year old’s body. He still acts mature when he needs to be, but at certain times, he just says something childish out of the blue. He has trust issues which have gotten him into trouble in the past before.

Kaito  KtU4Q


Kaito was a guy everyone loved. You could say at school, a lot of people knew him. The girls loved him and the guys where jealous of him. He always liked to be a tease around school because he kinda liked making everyone happy. But what really hit him was that even though he had a lot of people who wanted to be with him, he didn’t know who his real friends were. He had huge trust issues behind his warm heart, but tried to accept everybody.

When he was younger, his mother went crazy after he was born. He had an older brother along with him. One night, when he was about three and his older brother was about six, his mother had completely lost it. She locked their dad in his room. The two boys stared outside the door uncomfortably as they over heard the screaming and pleading of help which was interrupted by the sound of a loud bang. Moments later, the handle of the door rattled open and the shaking figure of the mom stood there covered in blood with a determined look on her face. “You guys are next” she whispered.

The two boys looked at each other and ran out of the house to escape their painful future. They had made it a long ways away from the house, but they could still see the house from where they were. They saw their mom creep out of her house staring them down. They gasped and began to ran again. Kaito had heard a sudden thump and looked back. His brother had fallen down. “Go, don’t worry about me, I’ll think of something” Kaito nodded and continued running without even looking back for a second.

He ran far and didn’t stop running till he knew he was miles away. The night was cold and there was snow everywhere including on the edges of Kaito’s pajama pants. He was barefoot on the cold snow and needed a place to sit down so his feet could be up higher and not touching the snow. He found a bench, but there was piles of snow on it. He tried to push it off, but he was too weak to do so. He sighed in frustration until he heard feet crumble on the snow.

Kaito thought it might have been his mom who had miraculously gotten to him so quickly. He slowly looked up to find a young man, about 18, standing there with long blond hair tied back into a ponytail, glasses, and a rusty green sweater. The man took Kaito’s hand and walked him back to his house. The man cleaned Kaito off and asked what happened. Kaito’s eyes slowly glazed over before the water fall broke. He cried and cried with all his might and told the man everything. “I don’t even know if my brother is alive right now!”

The young man held him close and promised to take care of him. He hugged Kaito tightly. He still had another year of high school left to finish, but he never wanted that to let him down and prevent him from taking care of this broken hearted boy. When he went to school, he let an older friend of his watch Kaito and when he was at home doing homework, he ended up trying to teach a three year old how to do complicated math equations.

A few days went by after Kaito was staying there at the young mans house. The young man barged into the front door of the house waving a piece of paper around, cheering. “Guess what Kaito?! The adoption papers have finally gone through! You can call me daddy now if you want to!” The young man had an awfully cheery personality which effected Kaito’s childish ways as he grew up.

Kaito grew fond of his new father and loved him to bits. He never was sure as to how he could ever repay him for what amazing thing he did for him that night, but Kaito made sure he would never ever hate his father. They became the best of friends even though they called each other father and son. His father even fully respected him and his past boyfriends.

Many of his past relationships ended when his partners found out he couldn’t trust any of them. All in all, he was simply alone. He was a broken boy who cried in the corner of his room at night but pushed it all away the next morning to become a jolly kid. Sometimes he just wanted to escape, but he didn’t want to leave his father. He was stuck.

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