Mount Masami
Masami isn't currently up right now, we've been trying to get things running for a few years, but something always comes up. However, recently, we decided to get the team back together and get this puppy going. Currently, we're adding some new ideas in and reintroducing old ones. We should be up and running within a few weeks. If you're interested, feel free to roam Masami while we get things set up, or maybe you could even join and give us some feedback on what you'd like to see. Thank you so much for your patients and we're very very sorry!

Role Playing Rules

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Role Playing Rules Empty Re: Role Playing Rules

Post  Norm on Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:12 pm

When starting a role play, it's important that each member follows these rules. 

Provide your Character's Profile: 

1: Inside each of the team's forums, there is a section called "Member Profiles". Click on that.

2: Find your characters name and open their member profile.

3: Click "Quote" which is located near the top of the post. 

4: Copy everything inside expect the html code for the "Quote"  

5: Go back to your designated role play and post your characters member profile. 

Before you start any role play, you MUST provide this as your first post. If multiple people are role playing together, each of you will post yours. Whichever order your member profiles are in, that is the order you will role play. 

Provide Paragraph Count: 

Each paragraph you type is worth 2 (or 3, still undecided) coins. 

1: Count how many paragraphs you typed in that post

2: At the top of your role play, type how many paragraphs there are. 

3: Insert line break (Note: The line break looks like this next to the bullet point and numbering lines option. If you can't find it, the html code for it is [ h r ] no spaces)

4: Put your role play after the line break. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide this by the time your role play is over, any uncounted posts will not earn you any coins. 

Third Person: 

It's important to remember that this website is a third person role play, meaning you write your character using "she/he" not "I". 

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