Mount Masami
Masami isn't currently up right now, we've been trying to get things running for a few years, but something always comes up. However, recently, we decided to get the team back together and get this puppy going. Currently, we're adding some new ideas in and reintroducing old ones. We should be up and running within a few weeks. If you're interested, feel free to roam Masami while we get things set up, or maybe you could even join and give us some feedback on what you'd like to see. Thank you so much for your patients and we're very very sorry!

Ignore this, im writing this because i dont wanna forget it

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Ignore this, im writing this because i dont wanna forget it

Post  Maebh on Tue Jul 09, 2013 6:39 pm

i started thinking of the physical characteristics i want from my pegasus (im kind of changing daichi, i know, dont judge me) and i dont wanna forget them so ignore this

He was a buckskin winged horse with a mild under hue of a cold grey. His mane and tail were an untamed, jet black, that shimmered a glossy, twilight, blue against the morning sun. His hooves were of a matte black and were well kept without a dent or chip. Winged horses are notoriously well built and thick in stature, but this horse was lean and light on muscles, but stood taller than the average winged horse.

still writing more, just needed to get this down somewhere. sorry >.>

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