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Masami isn't currently up right now, we've been trying to get things running for a few years, but something always comes up. However, recently, we decided to get the team back together and get this puppy going. Currently, we're adding some new ideas in and reintroducing old ones. We should be up and running within a few weeks. If you're interested, feel free to roam Masami while we get things set up, or maybe you could even join and give us some feedback on what you'd like to see. Thank you so much for your patients and we're very very sorry!

Party At Hope's House!!!~ Open to All

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Party At Hope's House!!!~ Open to All Empty Party At Hope's House!!!~ Open to All

Post  Princeton Hope on Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:31 pm

OCC: This is open to anyone who wants to hop in! I plan to have a decent size group join in, and I want people espesialy who I havent RPed with so I can get to know the rest of you!!!

Paragraph Count: 3
“knock knock! Norm are you home!?” Princeton shouts as he enters the crafters domain. Princeton hears Norm’s large footsteps and smiles. “Princeton? Hi there, was there a problem with the armor I made for you?” Princeton shook his head, why he came here had nothing to do with Norm’s crafting services. “No, I’ve actually came to ask a favor of you!”

Princeton explained everything to Norm. Princeton knew that two other groups of humans have formed on other parts of Masami. While he had some contact with them, he never really had a chance to talk to all of them together. They all seemed to have been taken to Masami somehow, but why? And how do all of them expect to find their ways back home to their families. Not only that, but Princeton realized that they are the only other humans here, and yet Princeton doesn’t seem to know much about them at all.

“So Norm, If anybody comes in here who isn’t part of my team, can you tell them to come to Kazuki’s forest a week from today? And if anybody is part of one of those two other teams, tell ‘em to tell the rest of their team too! I want to get as many people to meet up there as possible!!” Norm agreed to help Princeton and Princeton thanked him. Princeton thought that at least someone from each of those teams would have to stop by Norm’s store before then, and he needed the invites to be delivered. He wanted to get to know the others on Masami, and if nothing else, just make some knew friends. He felt that bonding may be key to all of their survival.

Party At Hope's House!!!~ Open to All PrincetonHopexcf
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