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Masami: How She Came to Be

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Masami: How She Came to Be Empty Re: Masami: How She Came to Be

Post  Norm on Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:08 pm

Basic Information:

Role Play Type: Play by play. Third person, past tense.
Genre: Fantasy, action, adventure, anime.
Location: Mount Masami
Time: Present day. (one day here = one day there)


I don't remember a mother or a father, but I feel as though I had to have had one. It seems that one day I was simply there, simply alive, and entirely, unbearably alone. I sat there, in the solitude for many, many ages. I grew older and wiser, left alone to my own thoughts. I became aware of my own energy, the force within my soul which kept me alive. It was friendly, pure and untouched by the influence of others.

It was not long after this discovery that I learned to manipulate the energy to create extraordinary changes. I experimented upon myself, altering my form for many ages still until something amazing occurred. I felt a response to my own energy. A blip in comparison, young and inexperienced as I had once been, but also alive. I became excited and set out to learn more about this other energy holder. It was scared, frightened by the strange place it had been born. I worked to calm it, to assure it that it was safe here. Soon, there were others like it, until everywhere there were slightly different energies everywhere. It was a happy time, filled with friends and energy.

Much later, past the time where those of stationary energy had arrived, it was again the case where I recognized an energy which I had no previous knowledge. This time, there was no uncertainty, as other energies had all been peaceful. That was my mistake. I approached the energy in the way that I had the others, but it seemed to ignore my offers of companionship. This confused me, and I watched the new energy as it stumbled along. That was when I discovered something astonishing about the different energy. It could move, more so than any other energy which I had meet before. It traveled between the other energies, and never seemed truly aware of them. I felt pity for it, because it was soon obvious that this energy could not understand my communications or those of the non moving energies.

I did not give up, though try as I might to use my own energy, the moving energy seemed to intentionally avoid contact. This saddened me, as I could feel much potential in the moving energy. I left it alone for a time, trusting that perhaps it would find it's own way to communicate. This was my second mistake. It was not long at all before I heard screams from the non moving energies. They were engaged in an action the name of which I only learned much later. They were dying. Their energy was being snuffed out by an anti-energy. The anti-energy was not acting alone. At it's helm was the moving energy that had arrived not too long ago, and been for some unknown reason cut off from myself and the others, and now it was killing them.

For the first time in my life I experienced the emotion of anger. These energies were doing nothing against the Moving One. The two forms of energy had no qualms, no issue with one another. I reached out to the Moving One, desperate to make contact, to tell it to stop. All the while the anti-energy grew in strength. The screams of the non moving energies became so loud that there were points where I felt I would lose myself, dissolve in the agony of their pain as they were destroyed with no remorse by the anti-energy and it's puppeteer. Finally, it became too much, and my anger and desperation got the better of me. This was my third mistake.

In my life I've learned that things tend to occur in threes. Such is the case with my mistakes, the third of which was and is the worst I have ever made. I lashed out at the anti-energy and the Moving One, using my energy not to create, but for the first time to destroy. The anti-energy noticed first, and it was at that time that the Moving One and I communicated, and I reeled at the part of it's energy that I had neglected to see before. It was dark and evil, pulsating with destruction and blood lust. It was from the Moving One that the anti-energy had entered, and I had failed to notice it while there was still a chance.

Disaster after disaster befell the non moving energies as I clashed with the anti-energy and the Moving One. The battle raged for untold ages, until finally I realized that as long as there was energy, the anti-energy could feed and continue to fight. It showed no signs of tiring, whereas I was growing weaker with each strike. I reached out to the non moving energies which were left, and they too reached out for any energy willing to aid us. It was at this point, my most vulnerable moment, when I detected a third type of energy. An energy so very similar to my own. The energy was close enough that I felt I could call it family, Sister even.

Sister heard my pleas. We reached out to each other, but something, some veil prevented us from reaching each other. Sister and I both knew what this meant. I would die, consumed by the anti-energy and the Moving One. I was younger than Sister, easier to snuff out. She would be safe if the Moving One decided to try her next. Her defenses were fortified, but we couldn't reach each other. The non moving energies understood this too, and pulled together in an effort unprecedented by almost any force before. They attacked the veil with all the strength they could muster, and still they could only bore a small hole in it.

The hole was enough. Sister and I were able to reach each other. She poured assistance into me, granting me the energy to defeat the Moving One and it's anti-energy. The energy was too much, Sister was too strong for me to handle, and I lost control of myself. I felt myself being torn to pieces. One went one way, another in the other direction, until I was spread far and thin, above the poisoned shell which had housed me for as long as I had existed. The Moving One was trapped, starving to death with it's anti-energy and nothing to feast on. Sister withdrew her influence, but the damage was done. I was fragmented, scattered above my old self, with only a handful of non moving energies remaining alive. Worn and broken, I was forced to sleep.

When I next awoke it was to find that the non moving energies had regrown in number. They had reached from fragment to fragment, connecting them with their energies and allowing me to live in a connected and nonpoisonous body. The shell which housed the Moving one and the anti-energy was still below, but now there was a separation between myself and it, protecting me from succumbing to the Moving One's influence again. The hole to Sister was still open, but smaller. I reached out, wishing for family. Sister had changed, so much so that I barely recognized her. She was sick, but still fighting. She didn't hear me when I called to her, and without both of us reaching, there was no way I could offer her assistance.

I faded in and out for awhile after that, until one day there was a new energy. A moving energy. I again felt fear, there was no way for me to fight another anti-energy if that's what it came to. The non moving energies seemed inclined to think the same, and were on edge. Tentatively, I reached out to it. Much to my surprise, it responded, and in such a way that I knew it was nothing like the Moving One. What's more, it named those which I had no names for. The barrier keeping me safe it called the Sea of Clouds, the non moving energies it called plants. As we exchanged tales it became obvious that the new energy was from Sister. She was changing, too many different energies competing for control. The new energy had looked for a way to flee, and had found the small tear in the veil between Sister and I.

The energy explained about gender, about race. It told me it was a male cyclops with a name of Norm. It taught me about parents and about enemies, about life and death. We talked often and for long amounts of what Norm would call time discussing and learning. Norm wandered my fragments, caring for the things which I could not, and we grew to trust one another. Soon, other moving energies, or creatures as Norm called them, came through the hole to escape the chaos on Sister. Some fell through unwillingly, others were searching for a way out like Norm had been. They helped one another, all of them with common past. Refugees, Norm called them. They settled my fragments, held together by the efforts of the plants that had by now lived with me for many ages.

It had been awhile since anything came through the hole, and though Sister and I still hadn't been able to communicate I could feel from her energy that she had stabilized. Life settled down. Events occurred, births and deaths, small squabbles and large banquets. Norm stayed with me, aiding and stepping in where I could not. I grew placid, content. I let down my guard. This was my fourth mistake.

Four energies arrived out of the hole with no warning. Four moving energies. Oddly, they arrived simultaneously, but on different fragments. When I noticed, I went to welcome them. None of them could hear me. I grew extremely frightened. Immediately I spoke with Norm, and he agreed to set out immediately to meet with them so as to assess their intent. As he set out, I asked my closest friend a question which had been bothering me for some time. If all other things had a name, why didn't I? Norm grew very quiet, and though he couldn't look at me, I felt as though he was doing just that.

His answer was as follows, "You, who took in so many with such spirit. You, who fought a battle you could not have hoped to win on your own. You, who wishes to see the best in even the worst of your enemies. You are nothing short of an elegant beauty, a safe haven for all those who seek it, and those who need it but do not know they need to be safe. You are the wonderful, beautiful place we've all learned to call home. And the name we've given you, one we love so unconditionally, is Masami."

After that, Norm set out on his quest to meet with the four energies. I am still waiting for his return. The fragments are spread far and wide, and Norm needs to visit many of them to complete his task. Until then, I will continue my duties as the caretaker of the energies which depend on me. I watch, but cannot interfere with energies who cannot hear me. I cannot peer below what Norm calls the Sea of Clouds, and as such have no idea what has become of the Moving One and it's anti-energy. I can only hope that the new energies which have arrived are not history dooming itself to repetition. To take my mind off of these thoughts, I often reflect on the name I have been given. Thank you Norm, for giving me that which others could not. If Sister and I ever communicate again, I will have a name to tell her, Masami, elegant beauty.

Credit to Krypt for writing this amazing story!

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