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Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh)

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Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh) Empty Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh)

Post  Maebh on Tue Apr 19, 2011 11:14 pm

OOC: Hola! I decided to do everything in steps instead of posting everything at once. I will let you know when the last RP is up and ready to be judged!

Character’s Name: Yuko
Character’s Age: 17
Character’s Gender: female
Class: Warrior: Swordsmen


Yuko looks like a general teenage girl, but she has some originality to it as well. Her straight hair is a soft pink and it gently rests just on her shoulders. Her eyes are a cat like green and stand out from the rest of her. Her eyes are almost always relaxed which always gave her an intimidating look whenever she was in an argument with someone. Her skin is fair, but slightly on the tan side. She likes to be in the out doors since she is a sporty person so she gets a bit of sun. Her fair skin holds a soft touch to it. She never had a blemish on her skin and it is evenly smooth. Everything was soft about her, except the tips of her fingers. Her finger nails were chipped, the tips of her fingers were broken and peeling and were rough to the touch. She couldn’t stand her tough fingers, but she couldn’t keep her fingers off of the nit picky works. She stood evenly at 5’5” which was very short for her family. She normally wears 3” heals, giving her a 5’8” look. She sometimes showed off her shoes, but often, she kept them a secret by wearing long jeans so she actually looked taller. Yuko also weighted just around 140 pounds and was proud of her body. Her father always made her work out, which gave her sweet innocent self, strong muscles.

Yuko is a very sweet and caring individual. She is always there for people, even the ones she would call an enemy. She doesn’t like seeing sadness in the world, even though she isn’t the happiest person herself. She finds happiness out of other people’s happiness, so she likes to bring the bright side out of people, even if it involves uncomfortably talking to a person. Though she is sweet and innocent, she can’t help but giggle her ass off when it comes to immature sexual jokes. She normally would stand serious and act like the joke wasn’t a big deal, but in the end, she ends up with an explosion of laughter. On top of that, she is also a tad bossy. Not really the type to tell people what to do, but to refuse letting go of her ideas when they are shot down. She typically can’t stand the feeling of her ideas being shot down.


Yuko was a girl everyone loved. You could say at school, a lot of people knew her . Guys loved her and girls were jealous of her . She always liked to be a tease around school because she kind of liked making everyone happy, but not in a sleazy way. But what really hit her was that even though she had a lot of people who wanted to be with her, she didn’t know who her real friends were. She had huge trust issues behind her warm heart, but tried to accept everybody.

When she was younger, her mother went crazy after she was born. She had an older brother along with her. One night, when she was about three and her older brother was about six, her mother had completely lost it. She locked their dad in her room. The two stared outside the door uncomfortably as they over heard the screaming and pleading of help which was interrupted by the sound of a loud bang. Moments later, the handle of the door rattled open and the shaking figure of the mom stood there, covered in blood, with a determined look on her face. “You guy’s are next” she whispered.

The two looked at each other and ran out of the house to escape their painful future. They had made it a long ways away from the house, but they could still see the house from where they were. They saw their mom creep out of her house staring them down. They gasped and began to ran again. Yuko had heard a sudden thump and looked back. Her brother had fallen down. “Go, don’t worry about me, I’ll think of something” Yuko nodded and continued running without even looking back for a second.

She ran far and didn’t stop running till she knew she was miles away. The night was cold and there was snow everywhere including on the edges of Yuko’s pajama pants. she was barefoot on the cold snow and needed a place to sit down so her feet could be up higher and not touching the snow. She found a bench, but there was piles of snow on it. she tried to push it off, but she was too weak to do so. She sighed in frustration until she heard feet crumble on the snow.

Yuko thought it might have been her mom who had miraculously gotten to her so quickly. She slowly looked up to find a young man, about 18, standing there with long blond hair tied back into a ponytail, glasses, and a rusty green sweater. The man took Yuko’s hand and walked her back to his house. The man cleaned Yuko off and asked what happened. Yuko’s eyes slowly glazed over before the water fall broke. She cried and cried with all her might and told the man everything. “I don’t even know if my brother is alive right now!”

The young man held her close and promised to take care of her. He hugged Yuko tightly. He still had another year of high school left to finish, but he never wanted that to let him down and prevent him from taking care of the broken hearted girl. When he went to school, he let an older friend of his watch Yuko and when he was at home doing homework, he ended up trying to teach a three year old how to do complicated math equations.

A few weeks went by after Yuko was staying there at the young mans house. The young man barged into the front door of the house, waving a piece of paper around, cheering. “Guess what Yuko?! The adoption papers have finally gone through! You can call me daddy now if you want to!” The young man had an awfully cheery personality which effected Yuko’s childish ways as she grew up.

Yuko grew fond of her new father and loved him to bits. She never was sure as to how she could ever repay him for what amazing thing he did for her that night, but Yuko made sure she would never hate her father . They became the best of friends even though they called each other father and daughter. Her father even fully respected her and her past girlfriends.

Many of her past relationships ended when her partners found out she couldn’t trust any of them. All in all, she was simply alone. She was a broken girl who cried in the corner of her room at night but pushed it all away the next morning to become a jolly kid. Sometimes she just wanted to escape, but she didn’t want to leave her father . She was stuck.

Level 1 (lower class)

SP: 10/10

Attack: 2
Defense: 2
Health: 3
Magic: 3

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Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh) Empty Re: Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh)

Post  Maebh on Sun Apr 24, 2011 2:48 pm

Paragraph Count: 10
OOC: So yea, I'm done! I think Princeton said he was going to judge this Smile

“Ok, Dad, I’m going to go to bed now. Today has been a rough day and I have no homework tonight so I might as well take this chance to my advantage” She shouted from the belly of her room. Yuko had just ended a relationship with a guy. She never told her dad about the ending of their relationship. Her dad hated seeing her depressed so Yuko refused to tell her dad that he broke up with her. She just wanted someone to trust, but she can’t trust anyone besides her dad. Nobody wanted someone like her who has trust issues.

Yuko rolled her back down the edge of the wall till her bottom reached the floor and she was sitting in the corner of her room. her shirt was half buttoned and flopped outwards relieving her sweating chest. Yuko rested her head on her hand. The sweat from her forehead trickled down her wrist. She sighed at her filthiness and decided it was time to bathe herself.

Her weak body staggered and rumbled as she attempted to get out of her tiny world she had placed herself in. In her mind, there were things that where completely off limits to other people. She called that her own world. She walked her tired body to the bathroom and grabbed a towel out of the closet outside of the bathroom. When she opened the closet, she looked at the towels inside. She tried to decide which one to use. She grabbed the red one, but put it back down to grab the pink one. It was much softer.

She walked around the corner into the bathroom. She wrapped the towel on the towel rack and the fold of the towels seemed to just dangle themselves there. The mirror in front of her showed a face. Obviously, it was her face, but she didn’t want to believe it. The face was so plain and frustrated. No emotion to describe her feeling other than anger for herself. She hated herself. She hated that she couldn’t trust people she loved. She wanted to explode her feelings out to someone, but she couldn’t do it. She never had someone close enough to do so other than her dad.

Yuko ignored the face in front of her and decided to finally finish unbuttoning her droopy shirt. The cotton rolled off her shoulders and then made a sudden drop onto the floor. She sometimes wished her life ended suddenly as it did with the shirt she dropped. Her sweating arms finally reached down to her belt. She didn’t think much but to just rip off her belt from her waste. Now her jeans were droopy and hung low. She finished undressing herself and stepped herself into the bath.

The water was steaming and the dirty sticky sweat was finally cleaned off while the hot water opened up her pores. She was supposed to be relaxing, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her past for some reason. She wanted to know more about her brother. What if her brother is still out there? What is he’s not? The filthy thoughts of her dad laying on the bedroom floor filled her brain. Blood was everywhere. The curtains where ripped. But then she thought of his dad moving his mouth before he completely went. What did her dad say? What spilled out of his mouth.

“I love you guys, please, save yourself.” Yuko gasped. She remembered what her dad had said. He loved her. He wanted a good future for them. Yuko quickly went back to reality. But reality wasn’t done with her yet. The bathtub was suddenly filled with blood, or so she thought. She wanted to step out but when she put her hand on the bathtub side to push herself up, but her hands were covered in blood too. The blood began to shine. It turned pink. Yuko was being pulled by something. She felt like she was in a glowing pink tornado made of water. Then, she blanked.

Yuko’s eyes feathered opened and she could feel small water droplets on the tips of her eyes lashes. She wiped them off as she sat up. Her hair felt extremely heavy due to the amount of water her hair absorbed knowing she was just laying in a shallow river. When sitting in the river, the water reached up to her neck, but before she was sitting, she was floating on the top. The river wasn’t very forceful, it was actually very calm. Subtle waves were pushing her slightly, but they weren’t dragging her down. She stood up and watched the heavy water drizzle off her nude body.

She looked around to find her bag and she looked to the right of her and noticed her book bag with freshly folded clothes beside it on the river shore. She must have been laying there in the water for sometime if her clothes had enough time to dry off. She also wondered who was out there to fold up the clothes in her bag but not drag her out of the water. Her heavy shoes flopped onto the barely snowed up grass. She didn’t even notice the snow until she took her shoes off to flip for the other pair of shoes that was laying there for her to fill in. Her feet were cold when she stepped onto the snow, but the weather around it was fairly warm. She didn’t understand why there was still snow and it didn’t even look like it was near melting.

She tossed on another pair of jeans and she slipped on her black “I heart NY” shirt. She struggled to push her other pair of sneakers onto her feet. She had only three changes of clothes in the bag. She picked up the dry bag and tried to look for the one doing her a favor to thank before she tried to find her way home. She would probably ask where she was in the first place. She didn’t have to walk very far until she saw what she thought of as a black horse. “Oh wow! Such a pretty horse! Reminds me of the one I used to ride during summer camp." She said. She didn’t want to get too close to the stallion since it might freak out on her.

The horse was at a far enough distance but he reached closer to the girl. “What’d you just call me?” He shouted in the distance. The cherry blossom trees were keeping him as a slight shadow, so she could barely see his figure.

“Wait, you can talk?”. The horse grew even closer and she could make out the shadows of wings attached to his back. Once she could make them out, she was startled and jumped back.

“I said, what did you just call me?” The winged horse was now hovering over Yuko’s body as her red face burned in fear.

“Um, I called you a pa-p-retty horse.” She stuttered to the intimidating winged horse.

“That’s what I thought.” The horse huffed and walked away.

“Did you set out these clothes for me to change into?” Yuko shouted at the moving away horse. “If you did, I want to thank you!”. The winged horse stopped his steps and looked back.

“Yea I did. You wear strange clothes from where you’re from. It’s not going to protect you from what’s out there." The horse said over his shoulders. He continued to walk until Yuko stopped him to continue the conversation.

“What do you mean by needing protection? And where I’m from? We're from earth right? I don't know where I am exactly on earth, but I know I'm here."

“You’re not where you used to be. You’re on Mount Masami, another world from what you call “Earth”. We have plenty of travelers from there, but they never make it. They spend most of their time trying to get back from earth and not try to survive in the world they are stuck in forever. I normally don’t warn people about this place, but you, you I have hope in. I have a feeling you’re going to do fine here. I don’t know what it is about you, but you seem more special than the other travelers. While you’re here, you need to protect yourself from other demons who are trying to kill you. I can take you to a friend of mine’s shop to get you suited up, but I can’t help you from now on.” The horse spoke to the young and nearly hopeless girl.

“Why can’t I stay with you? Can’t you help me? I need a place to stay!” Yuko shouted at the black winged horse. The horse completely turned around by now to speak to the girl.

“You’re not staying with me. This is my land, I’m not sharing it again." He said. “My family all owned this land before they left me to protect it. They all flew off to the floating mountains above us, but they never returned.” Yuko never noticed the floating mountains, she was too focused on getting back. She looked up and fell to the ground in fear. There was a mountain almost right above Mount Masami.

“Ok! That one is a little close!” She said shivering viciously on the ground.

“Well of course, I live at the top of Mount Masami. This is the closest someone on land could ever get to the above mountain.” The winged horse leaned his head down and took a grip of Yuko’s black shirt. She gently pulled her off the ground. “My name is Daichi. I never properly introduced myself. Your name?”.

Yuko couldn’t take her eyes off the land above her, but to answer his question she tilted her head down. “My name’s Yuko.”

Daichi, for the first time since his family left, actually felt close to someone again. He sighed and let his head hang a bit. After some time of thought, he lifted his head up high and mighty before he spoke again. “I don’t see the problem with you sticking around with me. I’m sure we could make an awesome team if we stuck together. What do you say I take you to get armed up and then take you back here?” He asked.

Yuko nodded at the tall horse. She repeated a quote in her head a thousand times, it was hard for her to fully pay attention. They spend most of their time trying to get back from earth and not try to survive in the world they are stuck in forever. She couldn’t stop thinking about her dad and how worried he must be. Her dad cared about her so much. He wouldn't be able to handle her missing. There must be some way back.

She dropped her bag and ran over to the edge of the river. “There must be some way back! I got here through the river! If I could just jump--” Yuko stood up and almost jusmped in the air. Quickly, Daichi grabbed her shirt again and tossed her onto the ground.

“What are you thinking? There is no way back! You’re stuck here forever!”

“But my dad will probably be so worried about me! And what about my brother! I have to find out if he's alive!"

“So what? I promise you, Mount Masami will be a lot better than Earth. Just give this a chance because if you don’t take this offer now, I will never let you stay here! It’s a rough world out there and there are demons just waiting to eat your insides. But I’m offering you a safe place to stay forever with me, you got that?"

Yuko stood up with slight tears, but she didn’t want to look weak in front of the strong winged horse. She wiped them off real quick and put on her determined face. She nodded with more emotion than before to promise to stick around with Daichi. “I’ll stay.”

Daichi stepped over so his side was facing Yuko. She looked at his back and then back to Daichi’s face. They both gave a grin to each other and she got on. She couldn’t help but stare at the beautiful large wings. Each feather looked like they were especially hand crafted by god and not copied through a copying machine. The horse started off with a fast gallop until he started to flap his wings. “You’re actually going to use those?!” She shouted at Daichi.

“Why not? We can get there faster, plus we can avoid the thousands of hungry demons in the forest we’re about to pass by.”

“What?!” She shouted again. Daichi’s hooves lifted off the ground and they flew off. They didn’t go too high, they stayed very low to the ground. They were skimming through the entrance of Demon Trees. All Yuko could hear were the clicking and growling of hungry demons.

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Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh) Empty Re: Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh)

Post  Princeton Hope on Mon Apr 25, 2011 3:51 pm

Ok, after reading this over I want to say good job Yuke. I like your wrighting style. Now there were grammer probs here and there but nothing really to worry about. Also I noticed, when you had alot of dialogue, the parragraphs get a little complicated. Maybe you could put every new speaker into their verry own parragraph every time.

Well you did good, and I'm giving you a reward of....

exp: 33 (Yes you had 30 paragraphs, but every one of them were large and well wrighten so I'm granting extra exp)

Coins: 30

Now update your profile and you will be good to go! jocolor

Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh) PrincetonHopexcf
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Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh) Empty Re: Yuko - Joining Yukoalaki (duh)

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