Mount Masami
Masami isn't currently up right now, we've been trying to get things running for a few years, but something always comes up. However, recently, we decided to get the team back together and get this puppy going. Currently, we're adding some new ideas in and reintroducing old ones. We should be up and running within a few weeks. If you're interested, feel free to roam Masami while we get things set up, or maybe you could even join and give us some feedback on what you'd like to see. Thank you so much for your patients and we're very very sorry!

Mount Information and Buying Rules

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Mount Information and Buying Rules  Empty Re: Mount Information and Buying Rules

Post  Norm on Thu Nov 28, 2013 9:56 pm

Important Information on Mounts: 

Mounts are friendly creatures who have the capability to fly to allow you to jump from one fragment to another. I recommend only experienced members buy a mount since many creatures who live on other fragments tend to be much more vicious than on Mount Masami. You can include Mounts into your role play as much as you'd like, but he cannot fight for you. He is strictly a friend who offers to take you from one fragment to another.

Buying Rules:

When you think your ready to leave Mount Masami and explore the other fragments, you can buy a Mount. 

1: Go into the Mount section in my store and post a new topic. 

2: Your topic title should say "Your Characters name - Buying preferred Mount" 

3: Inside your purchase, you should post from your member profile, your inventory - including the amount of coins you have. 

4: Calculate how much money I would receive and how much you would have left. 

Your order should look something like this. 

TOPIC: Norm - Buying Pegasus


Weapon: Advanced Club 

Armor: Loin Cloth (I prefer to dress light) 

Coins: 30,000 

Pegasus Costs: 4000 coins 

I now should have 26,000 coins

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